About CrocoLabel

CrocoLabel is a small, independent publishing company which specializes in interactive books and applications for children.

Our company cooperates with specialists in various areas: educators, illustrators, graphic designers, philologists, programmers and others. We also work with educationists, book reviewers, artists – all of them make sure that children get the best products possible.

Children take care of our creative processes, too – we would like to thank all our wonderful testers and advisors!

Advantages of our products are:

  • valuable, interesting texts – created especially for mobile devices,
  • original illustrations created by talented illustrators whose ideas of text interpretation simply enchanted us,
  • interactivity which is not only as big but mostly as reasonable as possible – thus ensuring great fun and engaging activities,
  • maximum use of the possibilities provided by a mobile device,
  • accompanying children’s harmonious development by means of games and tasks designed for specific age and closely connected with the books,
  • stimulating children’s imagination, creativity and open-mindedness as well as encouraging them to explore the world!

We hope young readers will enjoy reading our books as much as we enjoyed creating them!

We do not compete with printed books, but supplement them wisely.

Have a great time!
CrocoLabel Team