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About Ginger Cat and a Fence with a Shop on the Top

Ginger Cat dashed into our life and immediately demanded a series of stories about his adventures. So we are working really hard to fulfil his dreams and introduce him to you as soon as possible. In the first book you will read where the shop on the top came from and what happened afterwards.

The adventures of Ginger Cat keep surprising us, too! It is really hard to follow them, unless the main character decides to have a short nap. He is an incurable optimist and dreamer, with a mind full of ideas and dreams… Well.. he fulfils at least some of them... Mean Persian Cat and Shaggy Dog are always around but who would bother? Surely not Ginger Cat.

A lot of great fun and laughter, original illustrations, fun and games connected with the story – all this can be found in the series about Ginger Cat’s adventures.  

At the same time you will learn – together with Ginger Cat – about health and safety and why it is necessary to pay taxes. But it will only be by the way :).

Text: Monika Zielińska-Miętkiewicz
Illustrations: Dariusz Bazaczek

"Ginger Cat" series

The story, full of absurd humour, is about dreams and how sometimes they come true… not exactly as we could wish. Yet, is it a reason to stop dreaming?

Ginger Cat teaches us that we should get some distance – to ourselves, our ideas and things which just happen to us. He shows we must not worry about failures and just try again and again! Eventually we will make it!

Coming soon!   

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