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Coming soon! Macary the Lion invites you to his world!
  • plenty of interactive surprises
  • additional games associated with the booklet

Macary, a story about a lion who was not scary at all

A story about an unusual lion who… likes pink very much and is as gentle as a lamb. It is not easy to be different, especially when everybody else thinks they know what lions are like – always scary, dangerous and roaring; surely not wearing any pink warmers on their tails! Lack of friends and aching loneliness – this is Macary’s world. He is passionate about the game of chess and this gives him strength. Will this exceptional skill give him a chance to make other animals like him? You will learn about it soon!

Beautiful and lively illustrations, a lot of fun, games and surprises connected with the content of the book (e.g. rules of the game of chess) – all this in the story about Macary the Lion.  

Text: Monika Zielińska-Miętkiewicz
Illustrations: Marta Szudyga

Macary the Lion is the first interactive book of "Each of us has some strengths" series

Characters of the series are animals representing stereotypical roles in the stories. This time, however, everything is not the way it "should be". Each character of the series experiences rejection and loneliness because of being "different", but keeps looking for their own place and acceptance of those around them. 

"Each of us has some strengths" series helps to shape one’s positive self-image and teaches how important it is to discover one’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as explains how to transform defeat into success. It also sensitises to others’ needs and teaches acceptation and tolerance.

Visit us soon – and discover that "each of us has some strengths"